Child Custody

Where Do We Start?

Some couples are not ready for divorce, but prefer to live separately, for a number of personal or financial reasons, or because of certain tax considerations.

There are two kinds of separation arrangements:

1) separation by agreement between the spouses, and
2) separation pursuant to a court decree

A separation agreement prepared by an attorney will protect your rights, and prevent future complications concerning income distribution, child care expenses, etc. Remember, a separation agreement not prepared by an attorney can lead you to loosing substantial property and other rights.

A separation is not a divorce, but once you're separated, you're not completely married either. Issues that come up during this period, such as property rights, tax implications, and child custody, are out of the scope of this work, as those issues tend to be complex and require application of the law to your particular case.

Even though separation is not a divorce, married spouses can take advantage of some substantial rights similar to those of divorced couples.

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Before calling an attorney, explore with your spouse what you are trying to achieve with a separation.

Albert Gurevich, Esq.