We practice Estate and Family Law
Albert Gurevich has helped hundreds of people achieve their legal goals. Our focus is on helping people preserve their rights to property they are entitled to in proceedings involving family.

A client-oriented attorney, Albert Gurevich is constantly available to answer his clients' questions or concerns

A successful outcome in your case depends on the interaction between you and your attorney. It is important that information you provide is "filtered through" the attorney's knowledge of the law and of courtroom procedure, and for that to happen, the attorney needs to be informed of your goals and priorities.


Are you looking for a competent attorney for your estate or family matter? - Albert Gurevich, Esq. has helped hundreds of clients achieve their legal goals.

Before speaking to an attorney, make sure you have a good handle of the facts. It is especially important to know who is involved and what property is at stake.

Albert Gurevich, Esq.